Inaba Denki Sangyo Brings New Products to Market in April

Inaba Denki Sangyo will bring its new energy-saving products to market in April, such as the joint for refrigerant copper pipe which does not need brazing process, called “Fireless Joint”, the fire prevention product for fire rated walls or floors where electric cables penetrate and the water spray system for outdoor air-conditioning equipment. Inaba Denki Sangyo aims to expand the sales of these products following its midterm management plan.”Fireless Joint” is the joint for refrigerant pipe which does not need fire brazing process. The demand is expected for the situation in which the fire use is prohibited in the repair of buildings. The joint has another metal ring inside and can form double seals around the copper tube by turning off nuts and reducing the diameter of the inside ring. The joint can also be used for high-pressure refrigerant pipe since the joint needs no reduction of copper pipe wall thickness. The inside metal ring does not deteriorate by heat or refrigerant oil while the plastic seal material does. Refrigerant copper pipes are usually assembled by fire brazing. However, in recent years, demand of reform and renovation has increased in which the building outside structure is remained and the inside is renewed. Inaba targeted the new needs and developed “Fireless Joint,” aiming 100 million yen of the sales in fiscal 2006 ending March 2007 and 500 million yen in fiscal 2009. The firm also plans to sell the products in offshore markets.