Japan Electrolytic Copper Foil Price Increases

Electrolytic copper foil price exceeded the recent high in 2000 during information technology boom. The makers increased the selling price of products with 35 micrometers thick to pass the higher cost price of copper ingot in January and February. The some price exceeded US$ 8 per kilogram in Asian market. Nikko Materials and Furukawa Circuit Foil started price hike talk with users for April shipment to cover higher cost price of copper ingot under the tight supply. Nikko Materials succeeded the price hike in January and February. The price of electrolytic copper foil increased by more than US$ 1 per kg and some of the price reached US$ 8 in Asia where major printed circuit board makers have main production sites. The firm also increased the domestic price by 100 yen per kg. Nikko Materials tries to increase the price by more than US$ 1 per kg for April shipment for Asian market. The firm seeks 200-250 yen per kg of hike for some Japanese users under the tight supply. Furukawa Circuit Foil also decided to increase the price for April shipment. The largest maker of Mitsui Mining and Smelting succeeded the price hike in the beginning of the year and the price reached near US$ 8 per kg after mid-February. Copper ingot cash price is around US$ 5,000 per tonne at London Metal Exchange. The high-level copper price lifted Japanese official copper ingot price to 630,000 yen per tonne. Japanese price of no.1 copper wire scrap, which is raw material for electrolytic copper foil, increased by 13% to around 575 yen per kg from the beginning of the year. The electrolytic copper foil makers seek higher price for April shipment under the tight supply along with the passing of higher copper cost price. The makers operate at full capacity when the demand is firm for digital appliances including cell phone, personal computer and flat-screen television. Nikko Materials said the firm cannot meet the all of the orders. Under tight supply, the users try to secure materials even at higher price.