Sankyo Aluminium Industry Raises the Building Materials Price by 10%

Japanese major aluminum products maker, Sankyo Tateyama Holdings, STHD, announced on Thursday Sankyo Aluminium Industry raises the selling price of the building materials for house by average 10% from April 1 of the order since the material price such as the aluminum ingots increased. Tateyama Aluminium Industry will increase the selling price of the aluminum products. STHD already raised the building material price by 15% from February 20 of new order. The aluminum Ingot price which is main material increased by over 50% since 2004. The energy cost such as the oil jumped. Consequently, STHD judged to reach the tether of the independent efforts though the firm had been advanced the various cost reduction, and went ahead the hike. The firm is examining the hike of the exterior goods.