Hitachi Metals Seeks Growth in Asia under New 3-Year Plan

Hitachi Metals announced on Thursday the firm tries to increase the offshore sales to 45% of total sales in fiscal 2008 ending March 2009 from current 40% under the new 3-year plan starting April 2006. The firm increases investment in Asia for sustainable growth. The firm also increases the new products sales rate from current 25% to 30% in fiscal 2008 by enforcing research and development to launch original products for automobile and electronics. The firm targets 55.5 billion yen of consolidated recurring profit with 630 billion yen of sales in fiscal 2008.The firm targets 70 billion yen of operating profit with 700 billion yen of sales in fiscal 2010. President Michihiro Honda said the new plan is the action plan to bridge the 2010 vision. The firm tries to establish new growing business and stable profitability.The firm seeks growth in offshore market by expanding environmental friendly products for automobile and amorphous alloy for energy industry in Asia. The firm increases the offshore output to 50% by fiscal 2010 after the ongoing expansion of international production network in Europe, USA and Asia. The firm will produce 30% in Asia including around 10% in China, 12% in USA and 8% in Europe along with more than 50% of domestic production. The firm also focuses the resources on new products including automotive exhaust filters/purifying materials, transmission materials, high-performance mill rolls, which the firm launched by fiscal 2005, to expand the sales toward 2010.