Tokyo’s Cold-rolled Steel Sheet Price to be Weakening

The cold-rolled steel sheet market price in the Tokyo area, Eastern Japan, is weakening at 80,000-81,000 yen per tonne as center values for the size of 1.6 millimeters thick/3×6. There is some possibility that the market will fall a little on the way of recovery of movements of cold-rolled steel sheets in the area. Dullness of movements of the products in the area is likely to continue by the end of this month because the customers and wholesalers make spot purchase of them still under way of the stock adjustments. However, the whole demand including the demand for strings and operation of coil centers are both strong. There is arrival of the cold-rolled steel coils for import at 75,000 tonnes or so per month. That is mainly from South Korea. The coil import has continued since last year. So the market does not become bullish. The sellers expect recovery of the demand in the future while they maintain their profitability.