Fuso Industries Expands Copper Tube Sales in China and Slovakia

Fuso Industries, Osaka based maker of refrigerant copper tube for building air conditioners, estimates more than 10 billion yen of the net sales in fiscal 2005 ending March 2006, when the processing volume of refrigerant pipe is firmly increasing at the plant in Suzhou, China. The net sales will exceed 10 billion yen for the first time. The firm aims more sales growth at its 2 overseas plants. One is in Suzhou and the other is in Slovakia.

Fuso Industries operates 3 plants in Sakai City of Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The firm processes large sized copper tube at Kannabe plant, middle sized tube at Ishizu plant and copper tube for cold chamber machine of bulk container ship at Ohama plant. These 3 plants process totally about 250 tonnes of copper tube per month, bending, welding and assembling.

The sales maintains firm for domestic users, while the sales increases more rapidly for overseas customers. Suzhou plant was established in China 10 years ago and is still growing. Suzhou plant sells refrigerant tube for Japanese air conditioner makers in Shanghai and exports the products for European market.

Fuso Industries started the export for European market over 2 year ago. The firm exports the products processed in Suzhou bound for Belgium. The firm rents the warehouse from the major trading house and supplies the goods to Japanese air conditioner makers by just-in-time inventory system. However, the firm could not correspond to deliver the products with complicated shapes.

Fuso Industries established a new office in Slovakia in October 2005 to process copper tube with complicated shapes in the region. Slovakia blanch office rents the room in the plant of local copper alloy product makers and started to process copper tube for air conditioners with about 20 employees including 4 technical coaches.