New Cutting Scrap Price Increases by 500 Yen in Tokyo

New cutting scrap price increased by 500 yen per tonne for the previous week in Tokyo. It is around 20,100 yen for press, around 19,100 yen for bulk, at dealer’s purchasing price including freight.

The purchasing pirce by local electric furnaces steel manufactures is strong tone at 26,500-27,000 yen per tonne. The purchasing by the blast furnaces and special steel makers is still active, and sometimes it exceeds 27,000 yen.

Export price also keeps at same level as domestic market price, and dealers are raising the purchasing price step by step. The market price of new cutting scrap increased by 2,500 yen or 14.2% from the lowest price of the beginning of February.

The market is likely to remains with firmer tone at the moment.

In Osaka, ferrous scrap price is still strong tone. The scrap dealer’s purchasing price is around 11,000 yen per tonne for H2.