Major 6 Aluminium Sash Makers Aim at Improvement of Their Income

Major Japanese 6 Aluminium sash makers will perform price hikes of aluminium construction materials for residence as well as those for buildings. Activity toward improvement of their income is likely to be well promoted. As for the hikes of aluminium construction materials for residence, YKKAP announced on March 2 it would perform the hikes by average 10% on April 1. Further, Sankyo-Tateyama Holdings and Shin Nikkei announced the hikes by 10% and 10-15% (average 13%) respectively. Additionally, Tostem will increase the price by 8-13% (average 10%) on May 1. Fujisash will also revise the prices of all the products but some of its own unique products because it receives the supply by original equipment manufacturing (OEM) from Shin Nikkei. The market price of aluminium ingot, which is the main material of construction materials like sash, rose sharply from last year. So the makers decided to perform the hikes. There is likely to be the focal point of movements toward spread of the hikes to each of the makers in the future.