Onamba Raises the World Market Share of Wiring Materials

Onamba announced on Friday that it would raise to 35% the world market share of wiring materials of its FDP (flat display panel) internal wiring unit and solar power generation wiring unit in its operating policy in fiscal 2006. Onamba has 4 bases for manufacture of the products in the units of those wirings in Japan, Europe, the U.S., and China. Currently, there are 25% of the world’s market share of FDP internal wiring materials and 30% of the share of solar power generation wiring materials. Mr. Hisashi Matsushita, Chairman of Onamba, said it was lucky that it became possible to produce those materials in technical innovation every fifty years to flat-screen television from tube one. So Onamba will fully operate the current bases, according to him. Further, Onamba plans to sell solar power generation wiring materials extensively not only to Japanese companies but also Western affiliate companies arranging tie-ups with Japanese major trading firms in the future. Onamba has the second year of “POST PLAN,” the midterm management plan focusing on differentiation and environmental policy and aims at expansion of the sales ratio of its new business.