Steel Plate Price is Weak Tone in Tokyo

Steel plate price is weak tone in Tokyo. The supply and demand is easing under weak appetite mainly for construction. However, the price isn’t decreasing when the distributors don’t rush to sell. The demand for construction on January-March was slump more than the maker’s expectation. The large project in Tokyo area is few since in slow demand season, and then the delay of the architectural confirmation was generated by Influence of earthquake-proof scam.The supply and demand of low-grade steel plate is loose. The marer and distributor’s inventory adjustment is delayed under teh steel plate makers shipment is boom and distributors shipment is slow. Distributors aren’t expected to rapid recovery of sales, they worry about increase of inventory. However, the market price isn’t decrease under the makers keep sales price and the distributors don’t rush to sell. The price is 80,000-81,000 yen per tonne with 19 millimeters of thick 5 feet width and 10 feet length.