Toyo Exterior Raises Exterior Products Prices by 10%

Toyo Exterior will raise the selling prices of its exterior products by average 10%, such as gates, fences, carports and overhead doors, with the increase of the material costs including primary aluminium and resin. The firm will revise the prices for the orders received on and after June 12. The prices of environmental exterior products will be revised for the estimations on and after May 1.Toyo Exterior tried to reduce its production and distribution costs in order to cover the sharp price increase of raw materials, especially primary aluminium ingot that is the main material for exterior products. However, the firm considered it could not continue the stable supply of the products by its own cost cut and decided the price hike.Tostem Corporation raised the selling price of its building related materials by average 14% for the new estimations on and after February 27. Tostem will increase the selling price of house related products by 8-13%, average 10%, for the orders received on and after May 1. Both of Toyo Exterior and Tostem Corporation are affiliates of JS Group Corporation.