Japan Stainless Steel Scrap Export Keeps 200,000t in 2005

Japanese export of stainless steel scrap decreased by 5.3% to 206,400 tonnes in 2005 from 217,980 tonnes in 2004, according to the trade statistics by Ministry of Finance. The volume kept 200,000 tonnes after it reached 200,000 tonnes for the first time in 2004. The volume reached 190,000 tonnes in 2003 compared with around 70,000 tonnes in 2000 and 125,880 tonnes in 2001.Japanese stainless steel scrap export was 171,000 tonnes bound for South Korea in 2005, which represented more than 80% of the total export. The export for South Korea decreased by 7.1% from 2004 but exceeded 150,000 tonnes for 3 straight years. The export increased by 1.9% to 32,890 tonnes bound for China in 2005 from 2004.Japanese import of stainless steel scrap decreased by 28.7% to 108,000 tonnes in 2005 from 2004, hitting the bottom in recent 5 years. The import was more than 200,000 tonnes in 2000 and was around 130,000-160,000 tonnes in 2001-2004.