2005’s Copper Mining Operation Ratio to Decline

According to International Copper Study Group (ICSG), the copper production at mines in 2005 became 14.916 million tonnes, up 2.8 percent from the previous year. On the other hand, the production capacity at mines was 16.578 million tonnes. The mining operation ratio was 90 percent, down 2 points. Although Chile’s copper production at mines in 2005 decreased 1.7%, that in December 2005 increased 15%. the copper production at mines in African copper producers such as Congo and Zambia, Asian copper producers such as China, India and Laos, and Oceania’s copper producers such as Australia and Papua New Guinea increased 7.3, 11.7, and 10 percent respectively last year. As for the total copper production at mines in North and South America, the production increases in Canada and Argentina offset the production decrease in the U.S. Meanwhile, the production in Europe was flat.