3 Steel Distribution Bodies Forecast Progressive Reduction of Stock in the end of June

3 steel distribution bodies of Japan Steel Products Dealers Association, Japan Steel Plate Shearing industrial guild, and Japan Coil Center Association (JCCA) announced each of the steel stock estimates in the end of March and June which was estimated based on its own stocks. All of the bodies forecast that the stock will decrease gradually in the end of June. In the background of the gradual decrease, all the stocks but the stock of coil centers in the end of March are likely to increase from in the end of December 2005 according to the bodies, and the decrease seems to be below the increase in April-June, the bodies said. In particular, nowadays supply and demand of some of the strip steel products seems to be easing unlike their former tight situations according to the bodies. But they forecast that there would be the stock decrease according to recovery of the shipment movements. Adjustment of acceptance by strip steel and steel sheet makers will also bring about the stock decrease, the bodies said. In the breakdown of the stock estimates in the end of June, Japan Steel Products Dealers Association forecasts 2.735 million tonnes, down 1.0 percent compared with the estimate in the end of March 2006. Japan Steel Plate Shearing industrial guild and JCCA predict 480,000 tonnes, down 2.0 percent, and 1 million tonnes, down 1.0 percent, respectively.