Fuji Sash Raises Housing Related Products Price by 10-15%

Fuji Sash announced on Monday the firm raises its selling price of housing related products by 10-15%, average 13%, for the orders received on and after April 1 in order to cover the surging material costs mainly of primary aluminium. The firm already announced the price hike of building related products by 15% for the orders newly estimated on and after February 1.Primary aluminium price, the main material for building and housing related products, soared since last autumn and increased by more than 40% in February from a year earlier. The price is likely to stay high for a while and to impact building and housing products makers.Fuji Sash tried to improve its productivity and to reduce inside costs including distribution and sales administrative expenses. However, the firm could not cover the surging material costs enough and decided the price hike of housing related products as well as building related products.