Aluminium Product Demand to Record 4.41 Million Tonnes in FY2006

Aluminium Research Council, whose members are 7 light metal bodies of Japan Aluminium Association, announced on Tuesday Japanese aluminium product demand would increase by 1.5% to 4.41 million tonnes in fiscal 2006 ending March 2007 from the previous year. The Council forecasted the demand would mark the record in volume when the demand for cars maintains firm. The aluminium product demand is estimated to decrease by 0.2% to 4.344 million tonnes in fiscal 2005 from the previous year due to the decline of demand for construction.In fiscal 2006, the demand is forecasted to increase by 0/8% for rolled aluminium products, by 1.7% for casting and by 4.3% for die-casting products. The can material would increase slightly. The general machinery would also increase and the forged parts would keep flat.On the other hand, the aluminium demand for steel deoxidation would decrease by 0.7 percent thanks to crude steel production’s decrease. Aluminium electric wire demand would decline by 5.3 percent because of demand decrease of transmission wire for electric power. The export would also decrease by 0.4% from fiscal 2005 when the export decreased sharply due to the shipment regulation by aluminium rolling makers.