Japan Rolled Copper Demand Recovers

Rolled copper demand accelerated the recovery trend in general in February, announced by Tokyo Copper Alloy Products Distributors Association at press conference on Tuesday. The demand recovery extended from copper sheet and strip and phosphor bronze to brass bar and copper tube when users increase the output toward the end of fiscal year to March and the demand for semiconductor recovers. The association reported, however, the demand has still room to recover citing the slow shipment of distributors.The demand for copper sheet and strip keeps firm for lead frame of semiconductor and automotive connector. The association said some of the delivery is delay to meet the demand when the makers operate at full capacity. The association said the demand for brass bar is recovering gradually when the demand is firm for connector of automobile and communication facilities, air conditioners and stationery. The association said the copper tube demand is increasing slightly when the air conditioner makers prepare for the demand season. The demand also increases for building and other capital expenditure. The association expects the demand keeps firm for a while and said the demand for copper tube with thicker size is getting active. The association said the demand for phosphor bronze is getting slower except for automobile and cell phone. The demand is relative slower for communication industry including switch and relay applications. The association said the nickel silver demand is also slow under the lower export due to higher inventory for cell phone thought the domestic cell phone demand is better. The association concerns some users seek alternative materials due to the higher cost price.