Sumitomo Metals Supplies Titanium Plate for Coral Bay Nickel

Sumitomo Metal Industries announced on Thursday it received orders of titanium plate at 30 tonnes for offshore nickel smelting projects that Sumitomo Metal Mining takes the lead. Sumitomo Metals delivered palladium added titanium alloy called “SMI-ACE” this month for the second plant construction of high-pressure acid leaching (HPAL) method at Coral Bay Nickel Corporation (CBNC) in Philippine.Sumitomo Metals ships SMI-ACE at 100 tonnes per year mainly for caustic soda electrolyzer. The alloy has good resistance against hydrochloric, sulfuric acid and interstitial corrosion with dosing palladium in proper volume.The delivered titanium plate was processed to explosion-bonded clad at Chikushino Plant of Asahi Kasei Chemicals. After that, the processed product is used for the main equipment in HPAL plant of CBNC, which produces nickel-cobalt-mixed sulfide, the material for electrolytic nickel and cobalt.Sumitomo Metals supplied 30 tonnes of titanium plate for the first HPAL plant of CBNC in November 2002. The same titanium plate was also used at 15 tonnes for the Goro Project in New Caledonia which Inco takes the lead.