Ferrous Scrap Price is Still Strong Tone in Tokyo

Ferrous scrap price is still strong tone in Tokyo. It is around 16,500 yen for H2, around 18,500 yen for H1, and around 20,500 yen for HS, at dealer’s purchasing price including freight.Ferrous scrap dealers think that shipping movement is getting active in all areas.Export price of ferrous scrap which is driving force of the market keeps srtong tone at FAS 24,000-24,500 yen on shipping basis for H2. In Kanto area, last of exports contracted seem to be 200,000-220,000 tonnes, and export price is likely to keep firmer tone.Now therefore, in case allocation of ships for export dominates, local scrap supply could be tight.In Osaka, ferrous scrap market keeps the wait and see situation. The market price is around 11,000 yen per tonne for H2.