Steel Product Import Volume to Drop to 291,000 Tonnes

The amount of ordinary steel product import to Japan in February decreased by 14% over the previous month to 291,000 tonnes because the relative of all steel sheets and H-beam import dropped according to the foreign trade statistics announced by Ministry of Finance. The total import volume in January-February decreased by 8.9% compared with the same period last year to 630,000 tonnes. The import volume of hot-rolled steel coil in February decreased by 6.5% over the previous month to 127,000 tonnes; the cold-rolled steel coil decreased to by 8.2% to 72,000 tonnes; hot dip galvanized steel sheet reduced by 23% to 21,000 tonnes; steel plate decreased by 6.4% to 19,000 tonnes. Furthermore, import volume of H-beam dropped 70% to 6,300 tonnes though all the imports were from South Korea. The import volume of wire rod decreased 7.1% to 22,000 tonnes.