Toyo Kohan Starts Mass Operation of Aluminium Treatment for Solder

Toyo Kohan started mass production of the special surface treated aluminium coil with up to 1,000 millimeters in width and 0.3-1.2 mm thick after the development of the product to meet users’ needs to solder materials on aluminium flat products and building for the world’s first continuous processing line. The firm developed the product with solderability by special metal coating and special organic surface treatment, which was difficult to process without some damage to property of aluminium including light weight, higher thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. The new product has same solder wettability both for flow and reflow solders as copper and tinplate. The new product also enables soldering with lead-free solder and solder with rosin mildly active flux. The firm expects the new product will be applicable to heat radiation materials including heat sink, terminal and electric conduction materials with large electric current. The firm said with the heat sink application, the new product can reduce the total costs because the new product can be bended into target shape in a process without traditional processes including pinning with extrusion materials for soldering and surface treatment after processing along with the less than half weight of traditional materials.