Flat New Factory Busheling Scrap Price in Tokyo

New factory busheling ferrous scrap price in Tokyo, Eastern Japan, is flat. It is around 20,100 yen per tonne for press and around 19,100 yen per tonne for bulk at dealers’ purchase price including freight.The supply and demand of ferrous scrap are loosing gradually compared with in January or February when generation of ferrous scrap was few. However, some people say that ferrous scrap generation from factory like new factory busheling scrap has decreased. On the other hand, the purchase price by electric furnace steel manufacturers in the Kanto area around Tokyo is around 26,000-26,500 yen per tonne for new factory busheling scrap and it is still flat. The makers continue to manufacture their products according to the demand. Both of the dealers’ purchase prices and the purchase prices by manufactures will be firm for the time being.The ferrous scrap prices in the Osaka area, Western Japan, are also flat at around 15,500 yen per tonne for H2 at dealers’ purchase prices including freight.