Sumitomo Light Metals to Expand Aluminium Extrusion Output at Nagoya

Sumitomo Light Metal Industries announced on Tuesday the firm will modernize the aluminium extrusion unit at Nagoya plant for 3 billion yen. The firm introduces a 3,000 tonnes-press with around 150 tonnes of monthly output capacity to make high tensile aluminium alloy materials for tubing. The firm starts the new facility in August. The firm decided to add the 3,000 tonnes of hydraulic transverse indirect double acting extrusion press with 9 inches of container size for 2 billion yen under expectation of higher demand for high-tensile aluminium tube of motor cycle under the trend to shift lighter weight. The firm also invests 1 billion yen for better in-plant distribution. The firm tries to improve the quality and to shorten lead time. The firm modernized aluminium flat products unit at Nagoya plant in 1990-1993 by adding a large scale slab casting furnace, a hot rolling stand to 4 stands and a 6-high cold rolling mill with intermediate roll bending. The firm sold 51,524 tonnes of extrusion in 2004. The firm also produces extrusions shapes in Chiba plant.