Ferrous Scrap Price Drops by 500 yen/t around Tokyo

Ferrous scrap purchase price by electric furnace steel makers around Tokyo decreased by 500 yen per tonne from last week, representing first decrease in 2 months. The price is 23,500-24,500 yen per tonne for H2 grade. The price decreased with easier supply under delay of export shipment and seasonal factor when manufacturers usually dispose the inventory. Tsukuba plant of Itoh Iron and Steel reduced the scrap purchase price by 500 yen per tonne for H1 grade and other than new cutting scrap on Tuesday. Kanto Steel reduced the price by 1,000 yen for turning scrap and by 500 yen for other grades on the day. Jonan Steel Corporation reduced the price by 500 yen for other than steel and pig iron turning scrap, C press and waste pig iron. Tokyo Tekko and Tokyo Kohtetsu reduced the price by 500 yen for all scrap grades. Local makers’ scrap arrivals increased to more than 110% of the requirement in the end of March when scrap disposal increases usually. The makers still have around 100% of arrivals and secure the requirement stably. The export shipping is few in the week. The orders to ship are still more than 200,000 tonnes but the less availability of vessels delays the shipment due to busy schedule for other export items. Under the supply balance, local steel makers reduced the purchase price by 500 yen per tonne. Makers are likely to meet the difficult market from now when export shipping will accelerate. Makers apparently expect lower price before the week long holiday in early May when they will increase the production.