Codelco, NTT Group to Support Mining Operation System

Codelco of Chile, NTT Advanced Technology and NTT Leasing announced they established a joint venture in Chile on April 10 to provide telecommunication technology for miners. The JV will provide communication technology for remote control of mining facilities by using NTT’s technology including wireless internet protocol access system. The JV supports Codelco’s operations in Chile expanding the service to other miners in and out of Chile. Codelco controls 66% of the JV named Mining Information, Communication and Monitoring (MiCoMo) with US$ 3 million of capital with 34% share by the NTT group firms. The JV started the operation with 6 employees and will nominate the top executive later. The technology, AWG-STAR, which is star shaped optical fiber network with arrayed waveguide gating router, enables remote control of mining facilities including crusher from other place with up to around 100 kilometers distance from the mine. The star shaped network suits underground mining operations and enables real time control with the low delay wave length router.