Flat H-beam Price in Tokyo

H-beam price is flat at 75,000-76,000 yen per tonne in Tokyo at dealers’ sites without freight for products with 200 x 100 millimeters widths. The demand is low level but it is improving because the cost estimation of the building and construction projects which start within June-July has arrived to dealers. Distributors intend to maintain the selling price and to go through the current condition. The market price of H-beam is likely to keep the current price for a while.According to Tokyo Steel Product Dealers Association, the inventories of H-beam was 41,345 tonnes at the end of March in Tokyo area, increased by 5.4 % from the end of February and inventory for sales was 2.22 months. Since the stock is high level, price reduction is also seen in north of Tokyo area. However, the demand is not brisk and distributors consider if they would reduce the selling price, it wouldn’t pay because the shipment won’t increase under slow demand. The mind keeps the price so far.Sources said the demand started to move for civil engineering and building demand will increase after slow demand season. The market price would keep the current level because of the effect of the decrease in production by each maker and control of order entry will begin to act completely.