Japan Press Steel Column Demand to Jump by 20% in FY2006

Japanese pressed steel column demand will increase by around 20% to record 200,000 tonnes in fiscal 2006 from fiscal 2005 due to higher capital expenditure by automakers and appliances makers, according to a major press column maker.The maker operates the plant at full capacity when the order to the firm increased since January. The firm said the firm doesn’t recognize any delay of building activity due to fabrication of structural calculation sheets.Press column, which is made by pressing and processing from steel plate, is large diameter steel square pipe with 550-1,000 millimeters of diameter and used mainly for column of major steel structure building.The demand increases with better construction activity when private sector increases capital expenditure for large plants and warehouses under expanding economy. The demand also increases after lower demand in 2005 due to less availability of steel column under tight supply of steel plate. The column demand decreased in 2005 when users shifted from steel column to H-beam column and from steel structure to reinforced concrete.The press column demand increases due to improved supply and lower price of column after steel plate supply recovered. The demand exceeds the former record of 186,000 tonnes in 2000 when information technology industry increased capital expenditure.