Mitsubishi Aluminum to Sell 6% More Flat and Extrusion in 1H

Mitsubishi Aluminum announced on Tuesday the firm increases the sales volume of aluminium flat and extrusion products by 6% to monthly 15,981 tonnes for the first half of fiscal 2006 started April under firm demand from same period of 2005. The firm reduces aluminium foil sales by 2% to monthly 1,782 tonnes under slower demand. The total sales volume will increase thanks to firm automobile demand along with recovering condenser market. The total sales increased in second half of fiscal 2005 due to firm demand for commodity grade products though the sales decreased for can material and export. The sales increases by 6% in first half of fiscal 2006 from same period of 2005 when the demand increases for transport, digital appliances and export. The firm expects the extrusion sales will increase for automobile heat exchanger. The demand also recovers for machinery though the demand is still slow for truck. The firm expects the demand keeps increasing in the half year. The foil demand is slow due to slump in daily necessaries and packaging applications. The foil demand will keeps slow when the export decreases under surging ingot though the demand recovers in condenser market.