Sumitomo Metal Mining to Build No.2 Paste Plant in Southern China

Sumitomo Metal Mining decided to build Chinese plant in Dongguan, Guangdong to make paste of nickel electrode, which is material for multilayer ceramic capacitor. , The firm establishes wholly owned Dongguan Sumiko Electronics Paste and builds new plant for around 140 million yen stating operation in September. With the second Chinese paste plant after Shanghai, the firm expands the output capacity to 50 tonnes per month including domestic operation in fiscal 2006 ending March 2007. The firm produces paste of nickel electrode, paste of chip resister and silver and plastic paste, which is material for semiconductor element of light emitting diode. The firm produces the products mainly at Oume plant in Tokyo, which is a major plant for the electronics materials unit along with Shanghai Sumiko Electronic Paste and Malaysian Electronics Materials, which is base for bonding wire. China gathers makers and processors of digital appliances and electronics devices including personal computer and cell phone. The demand of past of nickel electrode for multilayer ceramic capacitor also increases in the country. Sumitomo Metal decided to build new plant in Dongguan to serve users in southern China when the Shanghai operation has no additional capacity to meet expanding demand.