Flat Coated Galvalium Steel Sheet Price in Tokyo

The market price of colored galvanized steel sheet continues to keep flat in Tokyo. The price is around 184,000 yen per tonne for the products with 0.35 millimeters thick and less than 50 kilograms and 205,000 yen per tonne for the products with 0.35 mm thick and more than 50 kilograms.Inventory adjustment is behind in the market by the slump of shipment under the influence of heavy snow last winter. According to the makers, it is likely to become after Golden Week holidays in May that demand begins to move completely. Completion of inventory adjustment is also likely to become at the end of June.On the other hand, rise in price of the zinc and aluminum which is the raw material of galvanized steel sheet does not stop. Zinc price updated a historic high at London Metal Exchange on Monday with US$ 3182 per tonne. In addition, aluminum price is also soaring and makers of colored galvanized steel sheet having forced the increase of large cost. For this reason, there is possibility of the price increase during the first half by progress of inventory adjustment.