Gonda Metal Group to Improve Processing Service

Gonda Metal Industry group’s brass sales firm, Yokohama Shindo tries to expand the inventory item variations and processing technology. The firm increases the sales of cadmium less brass bar with larger diameter, of which the firm started sales from the inventory in January. The firm started commercial operation of new milling machine for aluminium flat products in March. The firm tries to improve the function including shorter lead time and better productivity as nonferrous metals sales station for Tokyo and Kanagawa area. The firm sells cadmium less brass bar, CN series, which Gonda Metal provides, from the inventory. Yokohama Shindo has the products with 50-120 millimeters diameters in 10 mm pitch and in 5 mm pitch for some sizes. The CN series stock represents 30% for the total inventory. Yokohama Shindo started to stock CN series to sell in January to meet increasing demand for cadmium less brass bar. The firm tries to meet the users’ needs even order with small lot in collaboration with the parent firm. The order is increasing from semiconductor makers and liquid crystal production facilities makers. The firm introduced a milling machine for aluminium flat products in the end of February for 20 million yen starting processing in March. The milling, which processes material by turning cutting tool with multiple blades around cylinder, can cut and grind all four sides of materials in 0.05 mm of allowance. The machine can process products with 3-100 mm of thick and 600 mm width from a sheet. The users used to process flat aluminium with milling machine. Yokohama Shindo with milling processing contributes to users to skip the process and to improve productivity. Yokohama Shindo tries to improve the service to meet user needs timely as nonferrous sales base in Tokyo and Kanagawa.