Weak Plate Price in Tokyo

Market price of steel plate is weak at 79,000-80,000 yen per tonne for products with 19 millimeters thick, 5 feet width and 10 feet length in Tokyo. The price is 95,000-100,000 yen for base size with cutting processing. The demand is slow for distributors’ market and for construction application. The distributors have mixed view on the demand in and after May. The price is supported by makers’ price policy to increase and keep the level both at home and abroad. The demand is slow in construction market while the demand keeps firm for construction and industrial machinery. The construction demand is in changeover period for major projects when the new fiscal year just started in April while smaller building demand is also slow. The demand is delay for housing application due to deception of earthquake safety. The distributors buy only immediate requirement when the inventory adjustment continues. The distributors’ sources said the plate for building and other applications enters into distributors’ market at cheaper price weakening market mood though the distributors’ market price keeps the level. The plate shearing processors keep the usual operation with order for building. However, they have uncertainty with the 2-3 days backlog.