Showa Denko to Expand High-Purity Aluminium Foil for Capacitor

Showa Denko announced on Monday the firm expands the output capacity of high-purity aluminium foil for aluminium electrolytic capacitor of digital devices and automobile. The firm increases the output capacity of high purity aluminium slab from monthly 1,000 tonnes to 1,500 tonnes at the subsidiary Showa Denko Sakai Aluminum by adding an aluminium refining line for 1.2 billion yen. The firm improves the stable procurement by increasing the self supply of the slab from 70% to 80% while the firm increases the output capacity of high-purity aluminium foil by 20% to 1,800 tonnes per month from 1,500 tonnes. The firm starts the working in the second half of the year starting mass production in 2008. The new aluminium refining line will increase output of high-voltage, high-purity aluminium foil. Aluminium electrolytic condenser is used for electronic products due to the large capacitance with the small sized body. The condenser demand is firm when the demand increases for cell phone, flat screen television and hard disc drive recorder. Showa Denko decided to meet growing demand when the demand keeps growing along with output increase of automobile in Southeastern Asia and higher demand for hybrid car.