Japan Common Steel Export Decreases by 26.7% in November

Japanese common steels export decreased by 26.7% to 1.595 million tonnes in November 2005 from a year ago, reducing for 12 consecutive months, announced Japan Iron & Steel Federation on Friday. Steel sheet export decreased sharply, the main products of the export, when hot-rolled wide coil decreased by 32.6%. Total export amount decreased by 10.6% to 21.201 million tonnes for January-November 2005 from the same period of 2004. The common steel export for South Korea decreased by 23.4% to 528,000 tonnes in November from a year ago, reducing for 11 consecutive months. The export for China decreased by 27.8% to 367,000 tonnes, reducing for 3 straight months. The export for Taiwan decreased by 3.8% to 278,000 tonnes, turning to reduce after 8 months. The export for the U.S.A. decreased by 26% to 93,000 tonnes, reducing for 2 consecutive months.