Mitsubishi Aluminum Raises Aluminum Foil Product Price by 70 Yen from March

Mitsubishi Aluminum announced on Tuesday that it would raise the selling price of aluminum foil products, plain foil, aluminum foil reservoir and aluminum foil for household use by 70 yen per kilogram from March 2006. Mitsubishi Aluminium was forced to be below cost because aluminum bare metal in 2005 increased by 70 yen per kilogram from 2004. Although the firm had continued the cost reduction, it judged to need the material cost pass on the aluminum foil products. Mitsubishi Aluminium is selling the aluminum foil at around 2000 tonnes per month. The firm applied the bare metal price slide system to aluminum foil for condenser and almost all of aluminum foils for building and electronic materials. As for other aluminum foils, the firm will advance the price negotiations with each consumer. Meanwhile, the firm will carry out the price hikes of the aluminum sheets and the extruded aluminum products since the firm applied the bare metal price slide system in average for 3 months to those products. Other major aluminum product makers, Showa Denko, Toyo Aluminium and Nippon Light Metal punched out the hike by over 30 yen per kilogram of aluminum sheets, aluminum extruded products and aluminum foils. Because aluminum bare metal price is higher now, there is some possibility that the hike by them will spread.