Ferrous Scrap Price Decreases in Japan

Factory bandle ferrous scrap price is decreasing in Tokyo. The market price is around 18,600 yen per tonne for pressed factory bandle scrap and around 17,600 yen for factory bandle scrap without press at dealers’ purchase price including freight.Integrated steel makers and electric furnace steel makers reduced their purchase price for ferrous scrap. Integrated steels continue output reduction and demand for factory bandle scrap weakens. Local dealers are considering cost price reduction. Supply of high-grade scrap is easy in the market when scrap shipment is decreasing not only domestically but for export.The fatory bandle scrap price at Central Japan Commodity Exchange closed at 25,070 yen for February 2006 futures on Wednesday. The futures price maintains weak since the end of 2004. The price movement is linked to the spot price.Ferrous scrap price is also weak in Osaka. The market price is around 11,500 yen per tonne for H2 grade.