Sambo Copper Alloy Agrees for Another Eco Brass License

Sambo Copper Alloy announced the firm signed license agreement with Kyoto based Japanese top brass and aluminium bar maker, Kaimei Shindo to allow to make and sell Eco Brass, which is silicon containing brass alloy without lead. Kaimei Shindo is 4th Japanese maker for Sambo to allow the license.Kaimei Shindo, which was established 1952, is maker of brass and aluminium extrusions with top domestic share for deformed bar and small sized bar. The firm produces monthly 300 tonnes of brass bar.Kamei Shindo produces the original lead less brass bar containing bismuth, KS-E series products. However, the firm decided to get the license to expand the products line under expectation for future growth for silicon containing lead free brass bar. The firm starts development of extrusion technology to launch Eco Brass bar.Sambo Copper Alloy developed Eco Brass, which is categorized as general free cutting bar and silicon using alloy instead of lead, which might be prohibited to use as toxic substance in future. Eco Brass has high performance in strength, dezincing corrosion resistance and stress corrosion crack resistance. The material has also better performance in safety, potential resource and price than bismuth containing alloy.Sambo Copper Alloy has agreements for licensing of Eco Brass with Dowa Mining in 2003, Nippon Shindo in 2004 and Ohki Brass & Copper in 2005. The firm expects the products covers wider domestic market with the new license for Kaimei Shindo’s deformed bar.Sambo Copper Alloy has the exclusive agreement with Wieland-Werke of Germany in 2003 and Chase Brass & Copper of USA in 2005. Wieland-Werke sublicensed German major brass bar maker and Chase Brass & Copper also sublicensed Ingot Metal Company of Canada. Eco Brass family is expanding in both domestic and offshore market.