Furukawa Electric Aims Growth with Higher Investment in F2006

Furukawa Electric plans to renew cold rolling motors to alternating current type at aluminium plate plants and to expand output of copper strip, electrolytic copper foil and heat insulating and frame retardant material for metal roof, called “Funen Ace,” under the 49.8 billion yen of consolidated expenditure in fiscal 2006 ending March 2007. The firm increases its capital expenditure significantly from 30.9 billion yen in fiscal 2005 shifting to offensive posture in order to realize more earnings growth during its 4-year management plan to fiscal 2009. The firm also utilizes 20 billion yen of strategic fund mainly for auto related business fields, which was raised through new stock issue in March 2005.Furukawa Electric has changed cold rolling motors to alternating current type in turn at Furukawa-Sky Aluminum’s domestic plants. Alternating current motors contribute to faster rolling speed and higher productivity of aluminium plate. Furukawa Electric will reinforce productive facilities for copper strip for auto and semiconductor related usages. As to electrolytic copper foil, the firm mainly targets on output expansion of sophisticated copper foil, called “WS copper foil,” which is proper for flexible print circuits. The firm also expects substitute demand for “Funen Ace” from asbestos materials.In fiscal 2006 Furukawa Electric plans to invest 21.3 billion yen for aluminium fabricated products segment, 8.5 billion yen for electronics & automotive segment, 5.9 billion yen for energy & industrial segment, 5.8 billion yen for copper fabricated products segment and 4.1 billion yen for telecommunication segment. Metal material segments of aluminium and copper fabricated products represents above 50% of total investment.