Firm Rebar Price around Tokyo

Concrete reinforcing steel bar price is increasing at around 58,000 yen per tonne for base size with 19 millimeters diameter around Tokyo. The price is 1,000 yen higher for 13 mm diameter and 3,000 yen higher for 10 mm diameter than base size. The local output increased by 9% to 320,000 tonnes in April from March. The makers produce the bar in like with the shipment when the local demand keeps the high levelThe local shipment decreased by 3% to 320,000 tonnes in April from March. The shipment was 300,000 tonnes for local buyers and 20,000 tonnes for export. The makers’ inventory increased by 20% from March and by 25% from a year earlier when they built inventory for planned maintenance and outage. The makers try to increase the selling price for May shipment and consider another hike to cover higher cost for raw materials and energy. They try to keep the price by controlling the output in line with the demand level in order to secure the profitability when ferrous scrap price keeps increasing.