Nippon Foil Mfg. to Hike Aluminium Foil Price by 60 yen/kg

Nippon Foil Mfg. announced on Tuesday the firm seeks second price hike for aluminium foil products in July other than products with price mechanism linked with primary aluminium ingot price. The firm tries to increase the price by more than 60 yen per kilogram. The firm tries to increase the selling price for those products while the firm has shifted the price system to the mechanism linked with primary ingot price. The firm announced to increase the price by 70 yen per kg for February resulting in full acceptance by the buyers by April. The aluminium ingot base price for the foil products increased from 210 yen to 280 yen. However, aluminium ingot price surged to more than 350 yen per kg. The firm said the firm is forced to increase the foil price by at least 60 yen for July shipment.The firm also increased the price mechanism shift to ingot linkage to 50% of total volume from less than 30% before. The firm tries to reduce the risk for increase of ingot price.