Nippon Foil Mfg. to Expand Press Through Pack Output

Nippon Foil Mfg. tries to expand output of press through package, which is aluminium foil product for medicines, to 70 tonnes per month from current just more than 60 tonnes. The firm doubles the capital expenditure to maximum 600 million yen mainly for press through pack for fiscal 2006 started April from fiscal 2005. The firm increased the press through pack sales by 20% in a year from former monthly 50 tonnes. The sales reached near 200 million yen. The firm expects the market will grow more though the market may be suffered from pending lower drug prices. The firm launched new products including press through pack aluminium foil for infrared light inspection machine and THE MOCCORI, which is press through pack with both side aluminium laminating. The firm tries to expand output capacity for high valued products along with development of new products.