Nihon Seiko to Hike Antimony Trioxide by 100 yen/kg

Nihon Seiko Company announced on Wednesday the firm increases the selling price of antimony trioxide by 100 yen per kilogram effective on May 25 shipment to cover surging antimony ingot price. The firm increases the price by total 310 yen through the 4 hikes since June 2005. The domestic largest antimony trioxide makers for flame resistant agent of plastics increased the price by total 100 yen per kg in June and September 2005. The firm hiked the price by 110 yen in March 2006. However, antimony ingot price increased by 20% from March. The ingot price is US$ 5,650 per tonne. The ingot price surges when the ingot inventory gets scarce in the world largest antimony supplier of China. The metal demand increases for automotive battery in the country along with the short supply of the ore. The supply is expected to keep tight when Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources announced the country will control mining output for antimony and other minerals in the year. Higher cost for energy, freight and subsidiary materials also increases the price of antimony trioxide under surging crude oil price. Nihon Seiko decided to increase the selling price again to pass the higher cost price when the firm cannot absorb the all of surging cost by cost cutting and other own efforts.