Nippon Mining & Metals to Expends 20B yen for Metal Fabrication

Nippon Mining & Metals’ metal fabrication unit expends around 20 billion yen at consolidated basis for 3 years under new business plan to fiscal 2008 ending March 2009. The expenditure increases by 5.2% from former 3-year plan. The unit expands the output of the major product of Cu-Ni-Si alloy and strategic products including rolling copper foil and copper titanium alloy to meet growing demand for automobile and electronics industry. The unit also expands the gold plating business at the subsidiaries, rolling and plating businesses at the offshore operations. The unit expends 9.5 billion yen for fiscal 2006. The unit allocates 5.5 billion yen for Kurami plant in Kanagawa and 4 billion yen for subsidiaries and offshore operations. The unit expands the rolling copper foil and pickling line for copper titanium alloy at Kurami to better operations. The unit also expends 400 million yen for Nikko Woojin Precision Manufacturing in Suzhou, China and 200 million yen for plating line in Nikko Fuji Precision Manufacturing Wuxi in Jiangsu, Wuxi. The unit expends 3.3 billion yen for the parent company and 1.2 billion yen for subsidiaries totaling 4.5 billion yen for fiscal 2007. The unit allocates 1.1 billion yen for expansion including 500 million yen of annealing furnace to increase Cu-Ni-Si alloy output by 10%. The unit expends 6.5 billion yen for fiscal 2008 including 5 billion yen for parent firm and 1-5 billion yen for subsidiaries. The unit expends 1 billion yen for tin plating line for rolling copper foil, 1 billion yen to expand the width of hot rolling line and 400 million yen for annealing furnace. The unit also expands the output capacity of plating processing for rolling copper foil to meet growing demand for electronic parts.