Ferrous Scrap Price Ups by 1,000 yen around Tokyo

Ferrous scrap purchase price by electric furnace steel makers increased by 1,000 yen or 3% to 26,000-27,000 yen per tonne for H2 grade from last week around Tokyo. The local scrap supply is getting tighter under export shipping rush. The market price is expected to keep firm when the export price keeps high level. The export shipping from Tokyo bay is 55,000-60,000 tonnes a week, which is much higher than normal level. The local electric furnace steels get scrap arrival at less than 100% of requirement due to the tight supply. Tokyo Steel Manufacturing increased the scrap purchase price by 500 yen per tonne for Okayama, Kyushu and Takamatsu plants on Wednesday. Other electric furnaces makers followed the move to raise the purchase price by 500-1,000 yen. The makers’ purchase price is likely to keep the level until mid-June. The successful tender bid was FAS 26,300 yen per tonne for June shipment at export tender held by Kanto Tetsugen. The export shipping is expected to keep high level until mid-June. Domestic makers could change the purchase price to compete with export shipping price.