Toyo Aluminium to Raise Plain Aluminium Foil Price

Toyo Aluminium, Japanese top maker of aluminium foil, announced on Wednesday the firm raises its selling price of plain aluminium foil by 80-100 yen per kilogram for shipment on and after July 1, 2006.The firm announced the previous price hike of plain aluminium foil at the end of 2005 and raised the price by 60 yen per kg for shipment on and after February 1 under material costs expansion including primary aluminium ingot and petrochemical materials. However, prices of primary aluminium and petrochemical materials continued to increase even after the price hike. Toyo Aluminium is seriously suffering from worse profitability of aluminium foil business and decided another price hike for July.The firm also considers price improvement for processed aluminium foil watching the market condition.