CSC Builds No.2 Magnetic Steel Sheet Plant at Kaohsiung

China Steel Corporation (CSC), Taiwanese integrated steel maker, started construction of no.2 magnetic steel sheet plant at Kaohsiung works. CSC will introduce productive equipment after the structure completed and start operation in June 2007. Output capacity of no.2 magnetic steel sheet plant is scheduled at 200,000 tonnes per year. The firm aims to double its output capacity of magnetic steel sheet to 400,000 tonnes per year including existent no.1 plant after no.2 plant starts operation.CSC produces magnetic steel sheet at no.1 plant in Kaohsiung works. Output capacity of no.1 plant is 200,000 tonnes per year for non-grain-oriented electrical steel sheet. Main users are Taiwanese appliance makers. In recent years Taiwanese appliance makers have built their plants in China and the first or second magnetic steel sheet processor also established their processing center in China following the users.The processors have requested CSC to expand supply volume of magnetic steel sheet. Additionally CSC aims to increase the sales of high-grade steel products including magnetic steel sheet. Consequently the firm decided the construction of no.2 plant at Kaohsiung.