Tokyo Kohtetsu to Launch Shipbuilding High Tensile Shape

Tokyo based electric furnace shape steel maker, Tokyo Kohtetsu launches high tensile shape steel for shipbuilding in the autumn. The product is the first high tensile line for shipbuilders after the firm ships 1,200 tonnes per month of unequal angle. The firm submits application to Nippon Kaiji Kyokai in the summer to ship the KA36 grade with 36 kilogram per square millimeter of tensile strength. The firm expands the shipment of shipbuilding grade steels to monthly 2,000 tonnes. The official said at the press conference for results on Friday the firm tries to establish top brand in shape steel by expanding high valued steel products. The firm has shipped shipbuilding grade shape products as reinforcing materials for 10 years. The firm adds high tensile products line to establish the position of top parts supplier. The firm expands capital expenditure to improve the competitiveness and production ability. The firm starts operation of 650 million yen of compact mill in September. The firm expends 3 billion yen to the year ending March 2009. The firm gave up the plan for longer billet in 2006 to focus on improving products facilities.