Kobe Steel to Start Copper Slitting Suzhou Plant in July

Kobe Steel’s wholly owned subsidiary, Suzhou Kobe Copper Technology starts the commercial operation in July. The firm just started the test running of copper coil slitting shipping sample for users in June. The firm will supply the materials for local automakers and semiconductor makers targeting 300-350 tonnes per month of output in 3 years. Kobe Steel exports copper sheet for Chinese users after the firm produce wide coils at Chofu plant and slits them. In China the demand expands for terminal and connector and lead frame when automobile output increases and semiconductor makers start operations in eastern China including Shanghai and Hangzhou. Kobe Steel established local deposit and prepares to deliver materials with detailed services. Kobe Steel has offshore copper sheet operations in 3 countries including Singapore and Thailand. The firm has 4 sites in Asia including the subsidiary, Shinko Leadmikk’s Wuxi plant. The firm improves the service for the users when the users accelerate the expansion of the offshore operations. Suzhou Kobe Copper Technology is in favorable location where many Japanese transplants operate. The firm tries to establish the delivery service system and profitability in longer term as Thailand operation launch 5 years ago though the new firm takes some time to make money.