Makers Pressure on Colored Galvanizing Steel Price in Tokyo

Colored galvanizing steel market price is likely to move upward in July after major makers announced the price hike for July shipment and others follow the move. The market price is 184,000 yen per tonne for large coil and 210,000 yen for small coil with 0.35 millimeters thick. The major makers expect they would post much lower profit in fiscal 2006 due to higher cost for aluminium and zinc. They decided to increase the selling price to regain profitability citing they couldn’t cover the surging cost by own effort. However, the market condition is against the makers when the demand is slow with higher import while steel products’ price increases. Under the condition, the price hike couldn’t be accepted in the distributors’ market. Zinc price has uncertainty with volatile price move when the price rebounded from temporally drop.