Mitsubishi Aluminum to Double Extrusion Capacity in Suzhou

Mitsubishi Aluminum’s wholly owned extrusion plant in Suzhou plans to double the monthly output capacity to 400 tonnes by adding an extrusion facility. The firm decided to expand the capacity as early as second half of 2007 to meet growing local demand for automobile ahead of original expansion plan in second half of 2008. The plant just started the commercial operation to provide aluminium extrusions for automotive heat exchanger. The plant started sample shipment for users in October 2005 and pumped up smoothly. The output will reach monthly 160 tonnes by the end of the year from current 50 tonnes. The plant will expand the cutting capacity and other facilities. The firm will build another plant building next to current plant to add extrusion press machine. The plant will expand the output with 2 extrusion lines as Thailand operation. The plant held opening ceremony in March 2006 with attendees including Akikuni Nozoe, president of Mitsubishi Aluminum and local governmental officials. The plant is 3rd offshore plant after USA and Thailand.